Tips and hints

To get started in HO
  • Get a track - ideally Tomy AFX.
  • Get a few cars to compare - Tomy Mega-G, Super-G+, Life Like, AutoWorld X-traction.
  • Do basic maintenance - like keeping your cars clean (use cotton buds) and remove hairs and fluff with a pair of tweezers.
  • Have fun!

The next step
  • Replace your cars' stock rubber tyres with silicone Supertires or Jelclaws.
  • Replace the stock power supply with a regulated DC power supply - like for a laptop - that delivers 18 or 18.5 Volts and a minimum of 1 Amp per lane.
  • Replace the Tomy controllers with Parma Economy controllers - either 45 Ohm or 60 Ohm.
  • Invest in a basic tool kit - pin-point oiler, fibre-glass pencil, needle-nose pliers, plus a wheel/gear puller and press.
  • Read Greg Braun's HO slot car racing web site.

To go even faster
  • Sign up to an online HO forum, browse the topics and ask questions.
  • Join a club and learn from your fellow racers.

You might want to try
  • The 'hobby' chassis like Wizzard, BSRT and Slottech.
  • An electronic controller.
  • Building a computer-based lap timer.