Other projects

I found out that slot car racing isn't just about the cars.  I've ended up setting up a local slot car racing club, shooting and editing videos, writing articles and learned various skills to build my home tracks. 

On top of those things, figures, resin bodies and more advanced electronic projects have all crossed my mind.  If these thoughts become reality, I'll post them here.


I've discovered I'm quite good at shooting and editing slot car videos. My YouTube channel is andycaen and you can find most of my vids there, although they are officially hosted at EAHORC and WHO Racing.  This is one of my favourites:


I have been writing an HO column in Slot Car Mag - that's seventeen issues and counting. The idea of the column was to showcase HO for the majority 1/32 scale-oriented readership. Most readers probably skip my articles, but I've had some nice feedback and a few 1/32 guys have taken an interest in HO as a result.
The magazine is available as a pdf from the website and as a real hard-copy paper magazine from Pendle Slot Racing and Lulu.

I've also written a couple of articles about the Micro Scalextric Championship for the NSCC (National Scalextric Collectors Club) journal. Older issues are available from their website.

Look out for a couple of articles that will be appearing on the Scalextric website during 2014.  Plus an HO column for a well-known online slot car portal is in the pipeline.