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2011 Mega-G Mod

WHO Racing Mega-G. 04/2011

The Modified class at my local club allows toy chassis with stock motor magnets and armature, but most other parts are free to be hopped-up.

I started with a stock Mk1 Mega-G chassis (the one with removable magnet clips) and fitted a Wizzard Storm stock front end with tyres ground down and spaced to the maximum 34mm legal width.

Next I wanted to fit lower gearing and double-flanged wheels to the back. The stock Mega-G crown gear is 25 tooth. The ends of the axle are gnarled, so it is difficult to replace the wheels or the gear.

I started with a BSRT G3 stock axle. I added a 22 tooth BSRT crown gear and had to file down the rear of the gear by about 40-50% so it would fit neatly in the chassis. I also took a few mms from the shaft of the crown gear and then spaced the axle with two .010" spacers.

The Mega-G pinion was too big, so I tried Tyco and stock Storm pinions and chose the Storm one.

After running the gear with some toothpaste, the mesh was smooth, but still a little tight. Everything was removed, the crown gear shaft was scraped a fraction more and then reassembled. Perfect.

A pair of Quicker .250" double-flanged hubs finished off the rear end.

The next task was to source and experiment with stronger neo magnets to get the downforce necessary to make this car a race-winner. I ordered some N48 neo magnets from Las Vegas and some N42 neos from Derbyshire.

The first to arrive were the N48s. When I found them online, I thought they would be too strong - but I wanted to give them a go.

I marked up the south faces of the magnets and fitted them into the chassis. No modification to the magnet clip was necessary. Despite being slightly shorter and very slightly narrower than the stock magnets, they sat well in the chassis.

On the track, the car was awesome in both high and low downforce set-up but the armature was getting too hot too quickly. The car will need to race two heats back-to-back, so this is a really important issue.

I decided to swap out the .250" wheels and replace them with .290" Quicker hubs. Running these hubs with hard compound, low profile tyres, the heat was acceptable and the traction was still much better than with the stock magnets.

The N42 neos arrived on the day of the club night. I swapped them in and re-fitted the .250" hubs. A solid 3rd place was the result, but there's still some tweaking to do - I think the tyre height was a little conservative.

I ran a similar set-up in the next two rounds, with lower tyres. Two more third places and top placed hard-body runner. I may try the N48s for the final round of the year. And then a new Mod project for next season.