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2012/13 Mod

I've started a new project for the WHO Racing Modified class in 2012.  Not completely new -  it is an evolution from last year's car.
I'll be using the short-wheelbase Mega-G chassis with the same N42 magnets I used last year. The front is fitted with a Wizzard Storm axle and wheel set and a Wizzard guide pin.

I'll fit a lexan body via custom-made pin tubes that are drilled into the chassis.

Class rules mean the motor mags, armature and brush tubes must be stock items. It'll be up against Life Like and Mattel cars running their stock 3 ohm arms, so I'll run the car in a 'high-downforce' magnet setting.

At the back are Wizzard narrow hubs with a .275" OD, fitted with 'B' compound Supertires cut to fit the narrow hubs.
I've made a slightly different rear axle assembly with the Wizzard Pro-Predator 20T crown gear. The gear is shaved on the back just a little so it fits in the chassis.

The pinion is a stock Storm gear.

Prior to the first run, I was just a little nervous that the gear set-up was a little loose. The stock set up with the crown gear in the 'notch' seems to hold the rear of the chassis nice and solid.

There was no risk of the gears coming out of  mesh, but...

The first outing was the first Mod class race in January. The car was sooo smooth and amazingly fast. It was right up there with the quickest, a real leap in performance since last year.

One BIG problem was that the rear bushing popped out five times during the night, wrecking two heats and my final. I still made the 'A' final though - on the far left, in white lane - and was running just behind the leader when disaster struck again.
Some problem-solving back at the garage suggested that I needed to tighten up the back - the chassis was probably spreading just a little.

What I did was to try the standard Mega-G body clip - that gave far more rigidity and is clearly an integral part of the chassis design.

I also built a new rear axle, using a titanium drill blank, and newly 'shaved' (rather than sanded) crown gear and a 7T special Pro-Predator pinion.

What happened at the second race? No bushing popping all night and I qualified second with a real chance for a race win. Then I binned it on full-power at turn two - after following the wrong car off the line.

The good news was that the bushing still didn't pop. The bad news was that I threw a pick-up and spring and retired. The car looks good - all I need to straighten out is the driver.

Roll on July!