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#34 JL Chevy

This was the first HO re-livery I attempted. I used a Johnny Lightning 'Chevy' body, sprayed white and decorated with decals from Pattos Place.

The JL body isn't the prettiest or most modern HO Nascar body, but it is the lightest one to fit my favorite chassis (Tomy Super-G+) for racing in the EAHORC Nascar class.

The livery is the 2009 Front Row Motorsport #34 driven by John Andretti. For me, the combination of Taco Bell, John Andretti and the history of the #34 car ticks all the boxes. In 2009 the #34 team also put in an outstanding performance in the Nascar Sprint Cup.

My version of the car fared well in the 2010 EAHORC Nascar championship, claiming one win, one pole position and 2nd place in the championship.