Here's where I mess about with what comes out of the box and turn it into something more to my liking. That might be hopping-up a chassis or doing a new paint scheme.

One small obsession of mine has been turning  the Mega-G chassis into a Modified class car to race at my local club. In 2011 I worked-up a long wheel base Audi and this year it's a lexan-bodied car on the short wheel base chassis.
I've changed the gearing - not an easy feat in the tight confines of the chassis - and added racing wheels.

I've also sourced stronger neo magnets that gives the car more downforce and make it competitive with the cars that dominate the class.

You can check progress in the Mega-G Mod and 2012 Mod pages.

Although there are some great slot car paint schemes out there, it is great fun to re-paint and apply new decals to a car.  The Taco Bell Nascar was my first HO re-livery attempt.

The body is a JL 'Chevy' on a Tomy SuperG+ chassis. The decals are from Patto's Place.

The JL body isn't the prettiest or most modern HO Nascar body, but it is the lightest one to fit my favorite chassis for racing in the EAHORC Nascar class.

The livery is the 2009 Front Row Motorsport #34 driven by John Andretti. For me, the combination of Taco Bell, John Andretti and the history of the #34 car ticks all the boxes. In 2009 the #34 team also put in an outstanding performance in the Nascar Sprint Cup.