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Rock County Raceway build

It finally happened. Ground was broken on Sunday 7 August.

The table was built and the track (missing two 9" radius 1/8 curves) was laid for the first time.

All the designs and trials suggested that a 6" radius 1/8 track piece would make it a more interesting track and everything would fit onto a standard 6' x 4' board and leave some space for cars to drift out of the corners.

Sadly my mathematical skills were not up to calculating that I would need four 1/8 circle 9" turns to complete the design...

Integral to the table are the walls - long strips of PVC angles that sit just about right for the 1/64 scale Nascars we'll be running.

Three of us had a great night testing the track in late October 2011 and it was given the thumbs-up. The Life Like M and AutoWorld X-Tractions were perfect for the track.

The raceway needs finishing and then there will be plenty more racing.