Home race series

Racing monthly in Worthing and around the UK with EAHORC is enormously fun and competitive. The circuits are long and challenging. It's just not possible to recreate that at home.

But there's always time for more racing!

Drawing inspiration from US 'basement' racers, a couple of us hold more informal racing at our homes in Brighton.

I'll be running some races on my 4-lane oval. The classic Life-Like 'M' chassis is quick round that Bullring and the modern COT bodies (I have a few) look great. Vintage Nascar with Magnatractions or X-tractions and T-jets provides more sedate, but no less exciting racing.

Gareth has built an incredible multi-scale set-up in his garage in Woodingdean. And with an incredible variety of chassis to run, Gareth's Garage is a true slot car Mecca.

If you're interested and can get to Brighton, drop us a line!