Club racing

There's nothing quite like meeting up and racing with other people. And the bigger and more competitive the field, the bigger the thrill for me.

I've  raced locally at the Worthing HO Racing club since it was launched in 2010. I've also been a regular since the end of 2009 at the national HO racing championship organised by EAHORC

Plus I've raced three times - twice as team captain - at the world-famous Derby HO Le Mans 24 hour race.

2014 - a new year

The season is just starting at Worthing HO Racing and I'm planning to run a re-built version of my 2012/13 Mega-G Mod car in WHO Mod. My trusty Super-G+ will have another season in Nascar and I am likely to switch to a Mega-G for Formula One. I also hope to develop my Tyco dragster for any drag strip competitions that we run.

My EAHORC season is on hold while I get my Crohn's disease under control. In the remaining rounds I get to, I will be looking to build and develop a new Open Wheel Mega-G for next season.

2013 - silverware

I ended up with a trophy-cabinet-full of silverware in 2013 - at WHO and EAHORC. Sadly, I missed the Derby HO Le Mans 24 hours due to poor health.

Although not winning a race at WHO, a relentless succession of top three finishes - and some of my closest competitors missing a round or two - handed me the club championship.  I also picked up the F1 Classic Cup trophy.

WHO Club Championship - winner
WHO Mod - runner-up
Nascar - runner-up (one pole)
Formula One - third place (one pole)
F1 Classic Cup - winner (three wins)

I was runner-up in the inaugural Micro Scalextric Championship.

At EAHORC, the first part of the year was about finishing the job of winning the Pro-Mod championship. Although the competition was getting closer, I managed to finish with six wins and one second place. My 2013 Pro-Mod wins came at Chatham, Ipswich and Norwich - with another win at the first round of the 2013-14 season at Yelling.

With Pro-Mod not running at every round, I ran my Super-G+ in Nascar, picking up a win a Edmonton and a second place  at Worthing. In the morning Open Wheel races, I consistently qualified in the top five - including pole at Norwich - but second places at Norwich and Worthing were my best finishes of the year.

EAHORC Cup 2012-13 - third place (one win)
Open Wheel Premier Grade - fourth place (one pole)
Pro Modified - winner (six wins, six poles)
Nascar - fourth place (one win, one pole)
Pairs competition - winner (with Mike D)

2012 - Pro Mod breakthrough

After a lean year in 2011, I got back to winning ways at WHO and EAHORC in 2012. 

The year started with my first ever Open Wheel win. After setting pole position on the Norwich Slot Racing track and choosing the strongest lane - red - I managed to keep out front for the 3 minutes. 

Open Wheel is the most prestigious of the classes, so I was well chuffed to finally pick up a winner's trophy after previously managing a couple of pole positions.

I had started the season racing Wizzard P3s in EAHORC Pro-Mod. After a quick trial-run at Norwich and missing the race at Ipswich, I upgraded to a Wizzard Storm for the Marlborough race in March. 

The Storm development was a long-term project, but the new car had superb pace from the off and I managed to beat the top G3s and the Slottechs to clinch a first ever Pro-Mod win for Wizzard. 

My winning car at Marlborough was a stock Storm Extreme with a SP05 balanced armature and Harden Creek neo magnets. I added another car with silver electrics and a pinned rear axle for the next round at the huge permanent 6-lane HONK track in Chatham and took a second win and set an outright lap record.

Set-up misjudgments meant a second and a third place in the next two races, but things were looking good for the 2012-13.  I took three straight wins at Ipswich, Chatham and King's Lynn having missed the opening round at Yelling.

EAHORC Cup 2011-12 - fourth place (one win) 
Open Wheel Premier Grade - fourth place (one win, two poles)
Pro Modified - runner-up (two wins, three poles)

My full 2011-12 EAHORC results are here.

At Worthing HO Racing, I was developing my new, lexan-clad Mega-G in WHO Mod. It was a fast car and right up there, but very fragile. I learned a lot. In Formula One I tried to develop a Super-G+, but switched back to my reliable Tyco after a disappointing first two races. The Tyco got me into two A finals, including second place in the September race and picking up two Classic Cup wins.

Success came in May's Nascar race. Having set pole position, I survived unscathed for two minutes while chaos ensued for my competitors. 

Nascar races at the Barn are brilliant fun, require a lot of skill, but can be completely unpredictable - especially when the adrenaline pumps at the start of a final. I set pole at the following race in August, but couldn't deliver the goods.

Club Championship - fourth (one win, two poles)
WHO Mod - fifth place
Nascar - third place (one win, two poles)
Formula One - fifth place
F1 Classic Cup - third place (two wins)

My full 2012 WHO results are here.

2011 - a lean year (no silverware)

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2010 - my first seasons of HO racing

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